Websites icon Websites

I specialise in web development. I only use open source applications, frameworks and programming libraries. A lack of closed source, proprietary software eliminates any licence fees that might otherwise be charged.

I like polishing out even the slightest details. This makes my websites and web applications simple, clear and easy to use (both for the user and the site administrator). Considering the popularity of handheld devices, I also offer adjusting my websites to small displays, boosting the web browsing experience using a smartphone or tablet.

Graphics icon Graphics

Your business card will attract attention. The designers I work with will make sure the project is both unique and of superior quality. We'll deliver at least 1000 business cards, printed on both sides in full colour, laminated with an elegant matte foil, straight into your hands! If you wish, we can also create your company's logo.

On special demand, we also design promotional materials, such as flyers, ads, banners or gadgets, such as t-shirts, mugs or ball pens. Go ahead, use the contact form and ask about the details of your project!

Translations icon Translations

If your website targets visitors that use more than one language, I can provide assistance and localise the site's content. Polish or Spanish aren't a problem. On demand, I also provide any type of translations into any language. Feel free to consult the details!

Consulting icon Consulting

For those wishing to take advantage of experience in IT and marketing, I offer consulting services. You'll learn how to minimise costs and maximise your marketing campaign's effectiveness. Contact me and see for yourself that entering the market without spending a fortune is possible!